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Shutting down of the blog…

Posted by lollipop_mollster on July 2, 2011

Needless to say, there are many reason for me to shut down this blog … most importantly because it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore…

Anyway, as you guys can see, (for those who’re looking for UNGS notes), I already removed them from here… No worries! Cause the good news is, I didn’t delete those posts but instead moved them to my new blog (for academic and co-curricular activities purpose) at

Light Up My Soul 

so, I guess i see you guys there…


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Life Must Go On

Posted by lollipop_mollster on March 17, 2011

tried to resist at the beginning but finally i made up my mind… So, good bye Biomedical Science…

Whether to shut down this blog or not, still not yet being decided but for the time being, let’s pray hard that every thing will go the way I want it to be… Even if I happened to be rejected from getting into Architecture Faculty, I’ll not back down and do nothing…

Sign out!

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Final Examinations Semester I, 09/10

Posted by lollipop_mollster on October 29, 2009

Final Examinations for Semester I, Session 2009/2010

01 November 2009 – CCHS 1012 Study Circle II

06 November 2009 – SBM 2053 Principles of Microbiology

07 November 2009 – SBM 2033 Systemic Anatomy

12 November 2009 – SBM 2013 Physiology II

13 November 2009 – SBM Principles of Epidemiology

17 November 2009 – SBM 1013 Biochemistry I


Therefore, good luck, people! Hope Allah will help us all…

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Mid Term Examinations

Posted by lollipop_mollster on August 20, 2009

The schedule for Mid Term Examinations for this semester…

02-09-2009   Principles of Microbiology

08-09-2009   Principles of Epidemiology

08-09-2009   Physiology II

11-09-2009   Systemic Anatomy

29-09-2009  Biochemistry

– Good Luck, people!

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Study Plan

Posted by lollipop_mollster on December 16, 2008



Course Code Course Title

CCH 1011 Study Circle I
SBM 1043 Physiology I
SBM 1063 General and Systemic Anatomy
MGT 1050 Introduction to Management for Non-Economic
UNGS 2030 Islamic Worldview


Course Code Course Title

UNGS 2040 Islam, Knowledge and Civilization
LM 2016 Bahasa Melayu for Science Student


Course Code Course Title

CCH 1012 Study Circle II
SBM 1213 Principles of Epidemiology
SBM 1013 Biochemistry I
SBM 2013 Physiology II
SBM 2033 Systemic Anatomy
SBM 2053 Principles of Microbiology


Course Code Course Title

SBM 1023 Biochemistry II
SBM 2021 Quality Assurance
SBM 2022 Parasitology and Entomology
SBM 2024 Clinical Biochemistry
SBM 2041 Radiobiology
SBM 2044 Medical Microbiology
SBM 2073 Molecular Biology

Subjects Not Yet Taken:

Core Courses

SBM 2083 Human Genetics
SBM 3013 Biostatistics
SBM 3014 Pharmacology
SBM 3023 Toxicology
SBM 3024 Haematology and Oncology
SBM 3033 Immunology
SBM 3034 Pathology
SBM 3026 Internship
SBM 3XXX Natural Product

University Required Courses:

TQ 1000 Tilawah al-Quran I
TQ 2000 Tilawah al-Quran II
UNGS 2050 Ethics and Fiqh for Everyday Life
RKUD 4310 Philosophy of Science
LE 4000 Language for Academic Purpose (LAP)
LE 4300 Language for Occupational Purpose

Kulliyyah Required Courses

KOS 1110 Computer In Science

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